About us


Biohacking ORB was founded in early 2020 to create a completely new category of touchless, self-administered treatments and experiences centered around evidence-based modalities designed to enhance spirit/mood and improve body and mind performance. The patented ORB is a sexy, sleek and extremely comfortable sensory deprivation chamber controlled by an app from which personalized wellness biohacking journeys are chosen, based on the desired result.

The company’s founder and CEO, Abdul Nassani, is a successful wellness entrepreneur and innovator based in Dubai with clients that include high-end wellness and hospitality brands like Six Senses, Hilton, Fairmont and Sofitel.

Nassani’s interest and passion in ‘biohacking for wellness’ evolved organically with deep dives into the worlds of biohacking pioneers and the teachings of ancient philosophers, theologists and scholars – as he explored how to marry high tech hacks with ancient healing practices.

He put together a team of wellness experts to help create the Biohacking ORB’s unique platform and treatments with the goal of delivering easy-to-implement wellness hacks to enhance mood, brain performance, physical recovery and more in a matter of minutes instead of hours, weeks, days or years.



The ORB is influenced by the teachings of the 12th century philosopher and physician, Maimonides[1], who wrote: “The body is the home of the soul, and the soul guides the body; therefore, the body and the soul are one unit.” His teachings shaped much of how we think about the body and soul as one unit requiring equal care and attention to achieve overall wellness.

Informing the geometric shape and design of the ORB is the Tree of Life diagram, which is embedded in the ceiling and bathes users in celestial-like chromotherapy light and mirrored within the vibroacoustic mattress – balancing both sides of the body using ancient energy grounding principles – a feature at the heart of this innovative biohacking experience.

In late 2020, Biohacking ORB was honored as a Global Wellness Technology Innovation finalist. With input from wellness thought leaders around the world, Nassani was inspired to develop an intelligent wellness system. to operate the ORB with cutting edge Technologies.

Abdul and CTO spent years working tirelessly with developers to invent the ORB’s  Intelligent System.

Behind a user-friendly app lies a sophisticated cloud-based system incorporating the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology, smart AI-algorithm, machine learning and more to connect all modalities to our solution consul, marking the ORB as the first smart wellness pod and taking the first step to build a platform that supports the future of wellness. smartphone app to control the ORB. As far as we know, this is the only wellness innovation with its own smart system.

The Biohacking ORB begins shipping in October 2021.

Media can find more information and hi-res images here: http://bit.ly/BiohackingORBPressKit